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Cathy Gillen Thacker
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Cathy's Corner
Thursday, February 16 2012

Dear Reader,

I am pleased to introduce four new families in The Legends of Laramie County.

In THE RELUCTANT TEXAS RANCHER, attorney Liz Cartwright is the youngest member of four generations of women ranchers. All have taken their turn running the family cattle ranch. But Liz would rather concentrate on Travis Anderson, and the trouble he has suddenly found himself in. So they strike a bargain. She’ll clear his name if he’ll help out on the Four Winds. Neither count on what happens when that much man moves in to strictly female territory!

The Reluctant Texas Rancher

THE TEXAS RANCHER’S VOW showcases bronze artist Jen Carson. Commissioned to do a series of western sculptures, Jen soon finds herself caught between two powerful men. In love with Matt Briscoe, sworn to secrecy by his father, Jen must decide how to honor her promises to both.

THE TEXAS RANCHER’S MARRIAGE, begins when trauma surgeon Chase Armstrong returns just in time for Christmas, and discovers he unwittingly fathered twins--via modern medical miracle. He insists on marrying Merri Duncan. And their marriage soon turns out to be a lot more than simply convenient.

THE TEXAS RANCHER’S FAMILY introduces native Texan and custom bootmaker Erin Monroe. Philadelphia-based Mac Wheeler wants to sell the community on a wind-farm, and he needs Erin to help him fit in. Erin knows it takes more than the right boots to make a sale, but with their three kids playing matchmaker, she finds they just might have a lot in common after all.

Welcome back to Laramie, Texas! Happy reading!

Cathy Gillen Thacker

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