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Cathy Gillen Thacker
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Cathy's Corner
Wednesday, May 01 2013

Dear Reader,

Josie and Wade McCabe met and fell in love in WILDCAT COWBOY. Years later, they have five strapping sons. The eldest, Grady, is a Fort Worth developer. He found his perfect mate—professional matchmaker Alexis Graham-- in MOMMY FOR HIRE. His four brothers are about to find their true loves, and the satisfying home lives they’ve longed for, in a new series, MCCABE HOMECOMING.

McCabe Homecoming
The Texas Lawman's Woman

In THE TEXAS LAWMAN’S WOMAN, Deputy Colt McCabe is an all-around good guy and natural-born rescuer. Trouble is, his gallantry cost him the love of his life, years before. Now Shelley Meyerson is back in Laramie, with big troubles of her own. Colt is there to help Shelley and her son, whether Shelley wants his assistance or not. But will that lead to a love that will last forever?

THE LONG, HOT TEXAS SUMMER introduces Amanda Bliss Johnson, a carpenter hired by philanthropist Justin McCabe, to complete work on the Laramie Boys Ranch he is founding. Problem is, the former wild child Amanda is better at handling troubled teens than he is. With his job as director suddenly in jeopardy, Justin wonders if his own squeaky clean past will cost him his long-held dream, and the happiness he wants.

THE TEXAS CHRISTMAS GIFT showcases venture capitalist Derek McCabe and high-end Dallas realtor Eve Laughlin. Eve must win a sales contest to shore up the spirits of her ailing mother and simultaneously find a home for Derek and his infant daughter. Derek wants to pursue the attraction they feel, but Eve never gets emotionally involved with clients. Will her stubborn refusal to risk her heart cost them both the joy they want so badly?

THE TEXAS WILDCATTER'S BABY begins with unexpected news, an even more surprising proposal, and a decision to casually "share space" via a honeymoon cottage for the rest of the year. Although lady wildcatter Ginger Rollins and environmental engineer Rand McCabe vow that none of these events will change them—or their outlook on life in the slightest—, the third parties involved in their situation have other plans. Before Ginger and Rand know it, they are closer than ever. But is theirs the kind of closeness that will last?

I hope you have as much fun reading this new series as I did writing it!

Best wishes, Cathy Gillen Thacker

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