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Cathy Gillen Thacker
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Cathy's Corner
Tuesday, August 10 2010

Dear Reader,

What makes a good father?  To answer that question, I have only to look as far as my own dad.  He was always there for me.  Or to put it in today’s slang, “He showed up.”  It didn’t matter whether I had a fall from my bike or a piano recital or the birth of my first child.  He was always there to bandage a knee, cheer me on, or share in the most incredible joy I’ve ever felt in my life.  He showed up.

Nate Hutchinson wants to show up, too, but he doesn’t have a child of his own until an old friend leaves a posthumous request that he bring up her son.

This is no baby.  Landry is a fourteen year old boy with a mind of his own.  Landry doesn’t understand why Nate would want him and he’s not much interested in sticking around to find out why Nate does.

Enter Brooke Mitchell.  She loves and protects her 13 year old son Cole fiercely—even when scandal threatens.

With Brooke and her son there to help, Nate and Landry begin to see what they too can have, if they dare to become a family.  The question is, can they do it on their own?  Do they even want to try, given the fact that the two boys have become like brothers?  As for Nate and Brooke… something wonderful is happening there, too…   

Happy reading!

Cathy Gillen Thacker

The Mommy Proposal
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