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Cathy Gillen Thacker
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Saturday, March 06 2010



Dear Reader,

The McCabes of Texas are back! Greta and Shane McCabe, from A COWBOY’S WOMAN, have produced three sons and one daughter.

Hank McCabe is a military helicopter pilot, who has returned to civilian life, intending to start his own cattle operation the old fashioned way, with savings and hard work. The only person standing in his way is Ally Garrett, the owner of the ranch he wants.

Emily McCabe owns the Daybreak Café in Laramie. Tired of her family’s interference in her love life, she hooks up with the worst catch possible, Dylan Reeves, a horse wrangler/whisperer who has sworn he will never be tamed by any woman.

Cattle breeder Jeb McCabe is convinced marriage and children aren’t for him. Until he makes a bet and finds himself ‘playing house’ with Cady Keiler and her rambunctious nephews.

Horse rancher Holden McCabe has clandestinely promised to look after widow Libby Lowell. And that means getting her to forget the emotional secret they are both keeping.

And last but not least… Kicking off Texas Legacies: The McCabes… is the story of veterinarian Kurt McCabe and his longtime rival. Pediatric surgeon Paige Chamberlain is the only daughter of Beau Chamberlain and Dani Lockhart Chamberlain, from THE BRIDE SAID, “I DID?”. Kurt is the son of Annie and Travis McCabe, from A COWBOY KIND OF DADDY. Paige and Kurt have always driven each other crazy…and see no other way… until they find themselves temporarily parenting abandoned triplets.

Welcome back to Laramie, Texas and the families who make it such a warm and wonderful place to visit.

Happy Reading,
Cathy Gillen Thacker

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