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Cathy Gillen Thacker
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Cathy's Corner
Tuesday, October 13 2009

Dear Reader,

Guys like to help each other out.  Whether it’s by fixing a car, working together on a business deal, or providing moral support.  When they are friends, they are there for each other. 

The Lone Star Dad’s Club is one of these unofficial yet highly effective groups.  The five Fort Worth, Texas men have known each other for years.  They’ve seen each other through accelerating careers, good and bad marriages, and divorce.  They share a love and concern for each other’s kids.  And figure there is no problem they can’t handle together….

Dan Kingsley is the architect of the group and the kind of guy who likes to find solutions to life’s thorniest problems by thinking outside the box. 

Emily Stayton is a personal chef, with a baby on the way. The single-mom-to-be has learned the hard way to leave work at work, and never get too involved with a ‘client’. It’s a promise she has no problem sticking to, until she meets the sexy dad, and understands the complex nature of his problem.

Emily accepts Dan’s challenge to bring peace and tranquility to mealtimes at his house—with the caveat she will be moving on as soon as the job is done. She doesn’t count on getting close to his three kids, or having him take such an interest in her baby. And she really doesn’t count on what happens between the two of them!

Happy Thanksgiving-- and happy reading!

Cathy Gillen Thacker

A Baby for Mommy
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