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Cathy Gillen Thacker
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Cathy's Corner
Thursday, January 29 2015

Dear Reader,

There’s a part of me that—given a choice—would always do everything my own way, in my own time. However, as a grown-up, I know that’s just not possible—if I want to get along with others. So the question I constantly struggle with is how much and what to give way on—and how much to stand firm on.

For Lily McCabe, that’s always been an easy answer. A middle daughter of six, and a triplet to boot, she’s always had to compromise—on everything. She’s never been in a position to have anything exactly the way she wants it. And the ferociously independent single mom is okay with that.

Gannon Montgomery grew up, watching those around him give way on literally everything and anything, all in the name of the greater good. And while he appreciates the sacrifices made, he also knows it was at the expense of true happiness and lives well-lived. He refuses to make the same mistakes, and will not compromise on anything truly important to him.

Lily and Gannon’s different views have split up what might have been a beautiful friendship. Neither expect to ever reconcile, until Lily is forced, by crisis, to turn to the ever gallant Gannon for help. Then, all bets are off, as both discover they still have much to learn about life, and love.

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Happy reading!

Cathy Gillen Thacker



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Wednesday, January 21 2015

Dear Reader,

I’m delighted to announce Harlequin has reissued two of my most popular romantic comedies in e-book format.


MISS CHARLOTTE SURRENDERS is set on a lovely southern estate that has been in Charlotte Langston’s family for generations. It’s up to Charlotte to save the family home from foreclosure, and bring the lovely old mansion back to life. The main thing standing in her way? The hot new caretaker—who seems a lot more adept at seducing her, than helping out in any practical way….


HONEYMOON FOR HIRE takes place in picturesque Connecticut. Dillon Gallagher hires Hayley Alexander to cook and clean for him in the white elephant he has just purchased as an investment. It’s the ideal set-up for the confirmed bachelor and feisty widow. Hayley can have her baby with her while she fixes up the neglected Colonial, on Dillon’s dime. Dillon can assuage his secret guilt. At the end of the year, Hayley will have enough money saved to buy the newly transformed dream home for herself and her baby daughter. Neither count on the neighborhood gossip that soon forces them to marry. Never mind the intimacy of such close quarters….



Happy reading!
Cathy Gillen Thacker

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