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Monday, November 09 2015
How can I tell which McCabe books I should read first?

One of the most often asked fan questions is "Which McCabe books should I read first?".

  1. Start with the four original McCabe books, The McCabes of Texas,
  2. then read Texas Vows, a single title about Sam McCabe and his brood,
  3. and then The McCabes: The Next Generation books--all about the sons and daughter of Sam and Kate McCabe from Texas Vows.
  4. Then the series Texas Legacies:The Mccabes,
  5. followed by the McCabe Homecoming series,
  6. and finally the series that is out now, McCabe Multiples.

Confused? There is help! Visit my website series guide, complete with book covers, and individual story info, and a McCabe family tree, also with book covers. All that said, each book is a stand-alone read, so you can read them in any order, and refer to the family tree if you want to know more. I hope this helps!

Thank you so much for your interest in my stories, and for reading!

Cathy Gillen Thacker

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Monday, November 02 2015

Dear Reader,

Marriage is complicated under the best of circumstances. But when two long-time friends decide to marry in order to have a family together, life gets even more complex. For starters, Poppy McCabe and Trace Caulder are adopting. And not just one baby, but twins!

Poppy’s bungalow is small. But again, not a problem. Trace, a pilot, won’t be around that much. Plus, Poppy has triplet and twin sisters, so she knows a thing or two about life with multiples. She is sure she can handle it, all on her own. And if not, she has all those McCabe’s nearby…

Trace’s tumultuous childhood taught him a lot about domestic strife, and how to avoid it. First, make the military your home. Second, find a woman who is as fiercely independent as you are, then hang onto the friendship and passion you share. Third, keep to the limits you’ve set.

This works fine, until an unexpected event throws yet another monkey wrench into Trace’s and Poppy’s plans. Then, Poppy needs Trace to let down his guard and tell her what is in his heart. Trace isn’t sure he can…


I hope you enjoy this last installment of McCabe Multiples!

Cathy Gillen Thacker

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Monday, August 31 2015

Dear Reader,

We all have our notions of what makes the perfect date, relationship, and or even life. We all also have a practical side that tells us while everything is not absolutely fabulous all the time, it’s still more than enough to make us happy.

Read Excerpt

Triplet Violet McCabe is a single physician, looking for a big change in her life. She’s not happy unless everything is as perfect as it can be.

Gavin Monroe is also a single physician, and friend of Violet’s. He’s not looking for any major change in his life. He figures his world is fine, just as it is.

Enter orphaned newborn baby, Ava. Ava is relying on her temporary guardians, Violet and Gavin, to get her through a tough start to life, and find a great forever-home and family for her.

Gavin and Violet take their responsibility seriously. They don’t expect to fall in love with each other, and with the baby in their care, in the process. But they do, and that leads to an even bigger dilemma. Are they the right parents for Ava? Are they the right mates for each other? Both agree nothing is perfect in their temporary home and family. The question is, should it be…?

I hope you enjoy the fifth book in the McCabe Multiples series. For this and information on other titles, please visit me on Facebook or at

Happy Reading!
Cathy Gillen Thacker

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Thursday, July 02 2015

I love writing about families. And one of my favorite clans are the Montana born McKendricks, featured in the romantic-comedy series Wild West Weddings. Wily, wealthy Uncle Max always knows best, which is why he leaves as his last request, four arranged marriages for his heirs. As much as his niece, two nephews, and trusted attorney sidekick want to honor the late millionaire’s wishes, they can’t promise their hasty weddings, and 48 hour marriages, will reap anything close to love… On the other hand, an awful lot can happen when the ‘lovebirds’ are forced to stay beneath the same roof…!

I’m so happy this series is now available in e-book format. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I loved writing them!

Read the Wild West Series from Cathy Gillen Thacker
Click here to read excerpts from all the books in this series.

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Thursday, May 28 2015

Dear Reader,

I admire entrepreneurs. Those among us who can see a need, brainstorm a way to fulfill it, and then figure out a way to actually make it happen.

Rose McCabe is one of those self-made-women. She took a need—finding a way to economically feed her triplets--then went to local farmers and cut a deal that soon benefited everyone in the community. For Rose, seeing any food go to waste is a crying shame. And that’s why it’s killing her to see a long abandoned blackberry grove go untended, and even worse, unharvested!

Sexy former rodeo champion and cattle and horse rancher Clint McCulloch is the new owner of the land that luscious fruit resides on. He wants to mow the bushes down and turn the land back to pasture for his herd. Until Rose McCabe steps in, and wheels and deals their way to a solution. One that Clint sees as temporary, and Rose would like to last forever.

The real question is: Can Rose negotiate their way to love? Or is theirs a life-long deal that will never be made?

For more information on this and other titles, please visit me at Facebook or

Happy reading!
Cathy Gillen Thacker

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Tuesday, May 26 2015

Lone Star

I grew up in farm country, in the Midwest. One of my favorite summer activities was picking blackberries, raspberries and black raspberries with my family. We used to have competitions to see who could get the fullest bucket—and avoid the spiders and ants and chiggers that lived in those wonderful bushes. When we got the berries home, we cleaned and froze most of them for use during the cold winter months. But we also made blackberry jam, and my favorite--blackberry cobbler.

I've added my favorite recipe for blackberry cobbler to my recipe page. Click here to check it out. You can also download a recipe card.

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Thursday, March 05 2015
Brides, Babies & Blizzards #tbt

Dear Reader,

During the eighteen years my husband and I and the kids lived in Austin, Texas, it snowed only twice—and melted the next day in both cases. So you can imagine our excitement our first winter in North Carolina, when we learned a major snowstorm was on the way. Unfortunately we couldn’t have been less prepared. We had no rock salt or sand for the sidewalks, no shovel to clear them and perilously few supplies.

Gamely, we ran out to get milk, bread and a bag of rock salt. (We didn’t get a shovel because we didn’t really think we’d need one.) We put our eldest daughter on a plane back to college. And settled in with our other two children, for a “few inches” of snow.

Those “few inches” turned into a record-breaking blizzard delivered in three separate back-to-back storms that closed schools and businesses for a week. During that time, as my family and I struggled to dig our way out of the driveway with a garden shovel, a hoe, a rake and other assorted garden tools, I found myself doing plenty of daydreaming. What if a runaway bride, a schoolteacher on a fieldtrip and a young mother with her baby got stranded in a snowstorm, at the worst possible times, in the best possible places, with the men of their dreams? The result: Three new romantic comedies— SNOWBOUND BRIDE, HOT CHOCOLATE HONEYMOON and SNOW BABY.

Brides Babies and Blizzards American Romance Book Series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Since then, there have been other storms, and other series—the famous McCabes of Texas, among them. But every time we do get back- to- back winter storms in North Carolina, I think about the stories I wrote that might not ever have come to fruition had it not been for all that snow, sleet, and ice. And the beautiful winter days that followed, when thanks to the still-bad-roads and mountains of accumulation, everything was still at a standstill. I hope you enjoy reading all three books in my trilogy, BRIDES, BABIES & BLIZZARDS, as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Best wishes, always. And stay warm!
Cathy Gillen Thacker

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Thursday, January 29 2015

Dear Reader,

There’s a part of me that—given a choice—would always do everything my own way, in my own time. However, as a grown-up, I know that’s just not possible—if I want to get along with others. So the question I constantly struggle with is how much and what to give way on—and how much to stand firm on.

For Lily McCabe, that’s always been an easy answer. A middle daughter of six, and a triplet to boot, she’s always had to compromise—on everything. She’s never been in a position to have anything exactly the way she wants it. And the ferociously independent single mom is okay with that.

Gannon Montgomery grew up, watching those around him give way on literally everything and anything, all in the name of the greater good. And while he appreciates the sacrifices made, he also knows it was at the expense of true happiness and lives well-lived. He refuses to make the same mistakes, and will not compromise on anything truly important to him.

Lily and Gannon’s different views have split up what might have been a beautiful friendship. Neither expect to ever reconcile, until Lily is forced, by crisis, to turn to the ever gallant Gannon for help. Then, all bets are off, as both discover they still have much to learn about life, and love.

For more information on this and other books please visit me at

Happy reading!

Cathy Gillen Thacker



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Wednesday, January 21 2015

Dear Reader,

I’m delighted to announce Harlequin has reissued two of my most popular romantic comedies in e-book format.


MISS CHARLOTTE SURRENDERS is set on a lovely southern estate that has been in Charlotte Langston’s family for generations. It’s up to Charlotte to save the family home from foreclosure, and bring the lovely old mansion back to life. The main thing standing in her way? The hot new caretaker—who seems a lot more adept at seducing her, than helping out in any practical way….


HONEYMOON FOR HIRE takes place in picturesque Connecticut. Dillon Gallagher hires Hayley Alexander to cook and clean for him in the white elephant he has just purchased as an investment. It’s the ideal set-up for the confirmed bachelor and feisty widow. Hayley can have her baby with her while she fixes up the neglected Colonial, on Dillon’s dime. Dillon can assuage his secret guilt. At the end of the year, Hayley will have enough money saved to buy the newly transformed dream home for herself and her baby daughter. Neither count on the neighborhood gossip that soon forces them to marry. Never mind the intimacy of such close quarters….



Happy reading!
Cathy Gillen Thacker

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Thursday, October 23 2014

Dear Reader,

Moving on is always tough. Never more so, it seems, than during the holiday season.

Young widow Callie McCabe Grimes is a great mother to her two and a half year old son, Brian. And although she can’t supply her little boy with the mythical daddy he is searching for, she is determined to give him the best Christmas she possibly can. Problem is, Callie has lost the spirit of joy that makes the holiday so special. Luckily, so far, no one knows just how empty she feels inside….

Enter Nash Echols, the sexy and charming owner of the Christmas tree ranch on Echols Mountain and Callie’s closest neighbor.

Nash swiftly realizes Callie has a lot of passion locked away, and a whole lot of living left to do. And he adores her son as much as little Brian adores him. Nash is determined to make Christmas all it can—and should—be for the three of them. If Callie will let him….

Please visit me on Facebook and at for information on this and other titles.

Happy Holidays!
Cathy Gillen Thacker

Lone Star Christmas by Cathy Gillen Thacker
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